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Banish Cracks Forever!

Make invisible, permanent repairs to cracked walls and ceilings in under an hour. No sanding required. Krack Kote WALLOnce the second coat dries, it is ready to paint! No primer needed.

The specially formulated acrylic emulsion is used with a polyester mesh to bridge over cracks. It retains its flexibility as it dries, without shrinking. This allows the repair to move as the wall moves, leaving a seamless repair that will not reopen like other fillers or putties.

KRACK KOTE can be used on drywall, plaster, stucco, wood, concrete, and cement block.  It cleans up easily with soap and water.  The kit contains:

  • KRACK KOTE emulsion:  1 fluid pint (473mL)
  • KRACK BRIDGE fabric:  20 feet (6m)
  • Spreader
  • Instructions and tips (English, French, and Spanish)
  • Special instructions included for cracks wider than 1/8″ (3mm)

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